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Japan Consumption Tax Chart 1997 – Business Insider

Earlier this week it was reported that a large Japanese department store saw a 25% plunge in sales in the first week of April. The ostensible reason: A big jump in the consumption tax from 5% to 8%, which may have caused

Japanese Datapoints – Business Insider

A major department store in Japan says so far in April, sales are down 25%. The reason for this is that at the start of the month, Japan let the consumption tax rise from 5% to 8%, despite the obvious potential for an economic

Progress on Commercial Flywheel System – After Gutenberg

Translation , when these things go, they still explode, so they are best used in stationary systems. Locate the storage in the basement behind thick walls, advises Seidl, that way you “will limit the damage in the event of an uncontrolled energy ..

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Progress on Commercial Flywheel System – After Gutenberg

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