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Here we introduce our services, namely coaching better Chinese pronunciation of Cities, Companies and Leadership members:

Outline View From This Video:

  • Basic Chinese pronunciation
  • For news anchors and other media members The Problem
  • Most News Anchors mangle basic Chinese city names, leaders’ names, etc. For example, Beijing as “Beixing” and Xi Jinping as “Zhi Zhiping” “Shanghai” vs. “Shonghai” Dang vs. Dong. Where I taught English & Economics: Chinese: 哈尔滨 Hā’ěrbīn Home of the “Ice Lantern Festival” every winter!
  • We Provide The Solution
  • We can coach you to pronounce common names correctly and practice Pinyin to handle new names.
  • Contact us today
  • Via email bobmichaelson(at)
  • Via Skype “bobmichaelson”